Native Garden

The Native Garden at the Topanga Community Club
The Native Garden at the Topanga Community Club

A once-barren slope now planted (by volunteers) with species that occur naturally in the wild throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. The purpose of the garden is to demonstrate and encourage an eco-friendly way of landscaping. Native gardens are better for our environment because they do not require the input of any outside chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, all of which wash out of gardens and into the creek. They do not require mowing or blowing, and therefore eliminate a significant source of air pollution. Native gardens attract native insects and wildlife, and, once established, require very little (if any) supplemental water. They also require significantly less labor and cost to maintain, especially as compared to lawns.

hummingbird sage and purple sage

The native garden at the Topanga Community Club is a joint project of the TCWC, the Topanga Earth Day Organizing Committee, and the TCC. It is maintained by volunteers on several annual fun and vigorous workdays – please send us a note and we’ll put you on our garden volunteer list.

laurel sumac

Hummingbird sage and purple sage

Laurel Sumac