Homeopathic remedies that treat insect stings and snake bites

by Gail McDonald-Tune, Topanga Creek Watershed Committee

There are many homeopathic remedies and allergy treatments for the effects of 
insect stings and snake bites preventing insect allergies and long-term lingering 
conditions.  With the arrival of warm weather, most people notice the increase in the 
number of critters who enjoy nothing better than snacking on human flesh. 
Although there is little scientific research on the use of homeopathy for bites and 
stings, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from over 250 years of effective use of 
homeopathy for the relief of insect stings and snakebites. 


Apis is one of the most common homeopathic remedies indicated for insect stings that are 
red, hot, swollen and puffy looking at the site.  There is a great stinging and burning 
accompanied by itching at the site of the sting.  Sometimes there may be swelling of the 
mucous membranes in the mouth and swelling of the throat.  Applications of cold 
compresses soothe and relieve the pain.  


The homeopathic remedy Ledum is indicated for bites and puncture wounds where the injury 
site feels cold and becomes blush in color.  The person bitten wants cold applications 
for relief at the site of the sting or bite.  It is especially helpful in snakebites and 
stings from poisonous insects such as brown recluse spiders.  Anyone who is bitten by a 
poisonous insect or snake may be given Ledum to reduce symptoms, but immediate medical 
attention should be sought. 


Formica rufa is useful for insect bites from fire ants and other bites where there is 
terrible stinging pain accompanied by intolerable itching and blistering at the site of 
the bite.  The area will be red but not as inflamed or swollen as one that needs Apis. 


Urtica Urens is indicated where there are large, bright red blotches or hives that burn 
and sting, have violent itching and a crawling sensation on the skin.  This homeopathic 
remedy is especially useful in insect allergies and allergic reactions to bites.  As an 
aside, it is also well indicated for allergic reactions after eating shellfish.


Staphysagria is an excellent homeopathic remedy for the prevention of mosquito bites.  
For those who are prone to attracting every mosquito in the area, it may be taken as a 
prophylactic or can be used after being stung to reduce the effects from the mosquito 


Caladium is another homeopathic remedy that is helpful for mosquito and fly bites.  There 
is intense itching and burning and the person may develop asthma alternating with the 
itching.  There may also be blistering of the skin.  People whose sweat can attract 
stinging insects and often need this remedy. 


One of the most common and effective homeopathic remedies for snake bite and bites from 
poisonous insects is Lachesis.  The remedy is indicated when the skin is purpley-bluish 
or mottled in color.  It is also indicated if the blood is very dark, almost black; if 
there is hemorrhaging or if the person becomes prostrate and collapses.  Lachesis may be 
given to relieve symptoms from snakebite or other poisonous insects, but the person 
bitten should seek immediate medical attention.

It is wise to keep some or all of these homeopathic remedies on hand in a first 
aid kit.  Take necessary remedies along on camping trips or tuck them in a handbag or 
briefcase for emergencies.  Avoid leaving homeopathic remedies in a hot car for long 
periods.  A qualified homeopathic practitioner should be consulted for dosage or other 
indications unique to each person.