Our Mission:

TCWC Board of Directors

Topanga Creek Watershed Committee Board of Directors

The Topanga Creek Watershed Committee exists in order to help preserve, protect, and improve the health and well-being of the Topanga Creek Watershed and everything that lives here. We do this primarily by educating stakeholders to act in support of this valuable and fragile ecosystem. We actively promote non-toxic and bio-friendly solutions to environmental issues, and oppose the use of herbicides and pesticides.

What We Do:

Our agenda and priorities at any given time are determined by the particular issues of the day – rodenticide, herbicide, drought, development, water quality, etc – as well as the interests and abilities of our members.

Most often our work takes the form of public education, and/or advocating for the environment with government agencies, other non-profits, businesses, local property owners, residents, and visitors. We also maintain a native garden; do research and field projects; and hold movie screenings, fundraisers, and full moon hikes. We do “whatever needs to be done, whatever folks want to do.”

Who We Are:

The TCWC is made up of volunteers from Topanga and nearby communities. We are a diverse group of people who: (1) understand that to preserve what we love it is necessary to counter the powerful forces (development, carelessness, greed, ignorance) that would degrade our environment, and (2) are willing to do some portion of that work, according to our own abilities and interests. Any and all nature-lovers are encouraged to come to our periodic meetings, bring ideas, participate in our projects, and/or to contribute much-needed financial and material support.

Executive Board:

Ben Allanof

Ben Allanoff – CHAIR

Mr. Allanoff has lived in Topanga since 2000. His artwork can be seen at www.benallanoff.weebly.com.  He received his B.A. in History from Duke University, just a few days (years? decades?) ago.




Carrie Carrier

Carrie Carrier

Mrs. Carrier has an MPA from NYU and an undergraduate degree in Political Science and French from UNC-Chapel Hill. Previously, she worked as a Communications Specialist for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an Economics/transfer pricing analyst at a global accounting firm. Her interest in eco-consciousness and environmental issues sprang from her combined policy background and personal passion for the environment and public health.



William Preston Bowling

William Preston Bowling

Mr. Bowling has been working in Topanga Canyon Real Estate for over a decade. Active in environmental affairs, he founded the Aerospace Contamination Museum of Education ACME in hopes to ensure a proper cleanup of a Nuclear and Rocket Research Facility just a few miles north of the Topanga Creek Watershed. Thanks to his efforts, the Carl Gibbs Environmental Excellence Award was presented to ACME in 2009 by the City of Calabasas. Mr. Bowling was instrumental in securing 25 acres of Open Space in the Fernwood area of Topanga Canyon for generations to enjoy.

Not Pictured: Randi Johnson, Roger Pugliese, Gail McDonald-Tune, Stephen Frantz, Josie Kelly, Bill Carrier